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Reclaim your children from their devices!

Children learn by play, and "altogether" products teach them about wildlife and the environment, whilst they're having fun.


Completely; totally.
Including everything or everyone; in total.
taking everything into consideration; on the whole.

The "altogether" brand is helping parents reclaim their children from the screens. Kids learn by doing things they enjoy, and parents and teachers can purchase Planet B-Race, which not only teaches them about wildlife and protecting the environment, but also lets them have fun, whilst interacting with family and friends.

Alfamail in London is a publishers specializing in educational and environmentally friendly works plus children's stories and wildlife protection.

Game Description

Senior Game

1 - Get Back To, Or Past Base

If a spot landed on is already occupied by an opponent's counter, the player must move to the next available, unoccupied place, backwards or forward (there is no benefit or penalty for reaching a green or red spot in that move). The Heavenly Body spots are included as a place. If 2 and 3 are not already complete at this stage, the player shall continue around the board until they are.

2 - Place All 5 Counters

Place all 5 counters on the board (claim ownership of star animals).

3 - Collect A Set Of 7

Points value of held cards are added up, together with points value of "claimed" animal squares on the centre of the board.

A 100 point bonus is awarded to the first player to complete all 3 objectives above.

The player with the most points wins.

Junior Game

The flip side of the board is a dice rolling race, which includes a multiple choice quiz about wildlife.

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